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There are many factors to consider, so please call me and discover answers to questions you have – and to those you didn’t know you had.

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Depreciation does exist. Uncontrollable factors like the neighborhood deterioration, the property market, eminent domain, and natural disasters could affect the value of your home. 

The best advice I can give is to keep your property in great shape, maybe start a neighborhood clean up crew, and pay attention to the market – if you are on the fence about leaving current stats may help your decision along.

This is a somewhat subjective question since it all depends on the land and the builder. Many older homes have been updated with excellent care and quality while newer homes can be the work of shoddy construction and material. However, with older homes you have different concerns such as asbestos and lead based paint. Those aren’t a factor with new homes. Also, older homes were usually not subjected to home inspections like they are nowadays. 

My advice: Don’t skimp on the home inspection cost! A few hundred dollars can save you THOUSANDS.

Fun fact about real estate agents, we are our own bosses and own our real estate business. However, we are also bound by a strict set of rules, guidelines, and ethics. For that reason, all agents must belong to a real estate association and be a member of the National Associations of REALTORS. With that comes the requirement of finding a brokerage to hang your real estate liscence and a broker to handle issues that come up.

There are three types of brokers: Designated, Managing, and Associate. The Designated Broker might manage one brokerage, or a dozen. A managing broker works under the designated broker to manage an individual office or two. The Associated Broker works with a managing broker and performs assigned responsibilities or serves as back up to the managing broker. Some Associated Broker’s just have the title because they completed the necessary education.

My REALTOR license (yes, the all caps and r matters since I belong to NAR) is with Equity Northwest Real Estate – Southern Idaho. Equity is a nationwide brokerage with designated brokers running the states and managing brokers running territories. My managing broker is, Jamie McDowell, and our designated broker is Kit Fitzgerald out of Meridian. 

Jamie is my go-to for all things regarding real estate. She is wonderful with my clients, and always has mine and your back. The team at Equity is amazing and offers a wealth of knowledge and support. We are truly like a family.

This is a question you will need to talk about with your lender and a tax professional. Many property owners handle things themselves if they are paying cash, but if you are one of most people using a mortgage then the property taxes and insurance is usually handled with the monthly payment.

Still, make sure you know who will need to pay the taxes and notify your home insurance company of upcoming changes.

This too is a lender question. The financing rule is usually 10 days no matter if you’re paying cash or getting financing. However, they can also take up to 60 days. 

The process goes something like this:

You file a loan application with your employment work history, pay stubs, outstanding debts, and so on. Once your employment verification is complete and your credit is analyzed you will receive notice about the amount you can receive for a home loan. This will help guide you as you look at properties that meet your loan limit. 

Once you decide on a property and an offer is accepted, the lender will begin work on the financial documents, underwriting procedes, and a final pull of your credit is done. 

Lending is just one piece of the process. Your realtor and the other realtor will work on negotiations, paperwork, home inspections, vendor agreements and so on. Title will begin their process of ensuring there are no liens on the property, the title is clear, and the title transfer is complete.

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