5 Home Maintenance Tasks That Will Make You a Better Owner This Spring

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Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time for some March Home Maintenance Tasks! Aside from regular spring cleaning, there are a few important areas you should check for safety, sprucing, and upkeep. 

Here are a few suggestions on keeping your home in tip top shape:

1. Prep Your Patio

The winter months can wreak havoc on your patio no matter what material it’s made of. Remove all furniture and make sure it’s swept off, cleaned up, and ready for the summer season. Clean any grease or residue stains and wash up your patio furniture!

2. Clean your carpets

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to keep the outdoors out. Especially in the spring after a long winter of trudging through snow, mud, and rain. If it’s not work boots dropping clomps of ice it’s kids shaking off snow or Fido dragging in sludge. 

3. Organize Your Closets

Believe it or not… This can be fun. Just ask Pinterest! There are about a dozen different ways to organize your closet – and that’s not even including all the knick knacks out there to help you!

Lighten your closet by packing away your winter clothing and sorting through the colorful long-sleeves and windbreakers. Get rid of items that you didn’t wear over the winter or won’t wear this spring/summer. Take advantage of decluttering wherever you can!

4. Check Your Roof and Siding

The majority of us have heard the saying, “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb.” This is of course referring to the roller coaster of weather that rolls through this winter/spring month.

Wind storms are prevalent in parts of the country and they can cause some serious damage to your roof and siding. Depending on the materials used to build your home, doublecheck your shingles and siding to make sure nothing is loose or been ripped off during the lion part of the month. Unresolved issues like these can cause further damage down the road which can be very costly.

Get the one and only Bob Vila’s tips on repairing a roof!

5. Organize The Garage

Sort through the storage areas of your garage and set aside things for donation or a yard sale. Put up the winter toys and organize the handheld tools and clean off the counters. If you have collected more items than can fit in your garage neatly, maybe it’s time to invest in overhead racks, or storage cupboards? Back the cars out and give the floor a good sweep or use a leaf blower. You could even strap on some roller blades or skates and get some cardio in while you sweep up! (Hey moms & dads, this is a great way to get your kid to do it too ~ Work and fun!)

Doublecheck the lights and the light for your garage door opener, check around the garage door and regular doors for any cracks or gaps in the trims. Having a clean and organized garage makes any home feel fresh and structured.

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